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Software details

NoGerber PCB file viewer

This is a simple-to-use gerber PCB file viewer. It can view a gerber file on any PC monitor or print it on any Windows compatible printer. The output can be scaled up or down and will be in color on color printers and at printer resolution, large drawings can be printed off as multiples sheets of A4. Can open multiple files to supermpose multiple PCB layer.

NoGerber will work with all versions of Windows (including Vista), you just click on the link to download & install it on your computer and then have a 30 days trial period before you have to decide whether to purchase or not. The trial version is fully functioning.

Key Benefits :-

1. To print a plotter file on a Windows compatible printer on multiple pages.

2. To view a plotter file on a Windows compatible monitor.

3. To superimpose multiple files to show layers of PCB.
4. To convert a plotter file into a bitmap and save as a .BMP format file.

5. To use plotter files produced by CAD packages.

6. To view / print new designs at the conceptual stage without the need for a copy of the particular CAD system(s) used.

7. To view / print files sent via email etc.

Gerber files (.GBR, .GTL,.APT) overcome the normal incompatibility problems that prevent departments, companies, contractors etc. passing CAD data around on disks, via networks, email etc. without the need to justify and purchase an expensive plotter, or a copy of every CAD system that you may come into contact with.

To obtain all these benefits get NoGerber for yourselves, or why not buy it for your "customer" department to use.