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Use your iPod to listen to books on CD with all the convenience of downloaded audio books and more. Enjoy superior sound and never lose your place!

myBookTunes creates audio books from CDs for your iPod that automatically remember your stopping place and resume precisely where you left off. Switch between tunes, podcasts, and multiple books, confident that each book remembers exactly where you left off. myBookTunes even keeps your place when you charge or synch your iPod.

You can also save money. There's no need to purchase over again a book you already have on CD just so you can listen to it on your iPod. What you save on just one book pays for your copy of myBookTunes.

All of us in our family enjoy using our iPods to listen to books on CD. We appreciate the superior sound quality and the huge assortment of books available. We also take comfort in having the physical CDs in case something should happen to our computers.

All that was missing was the ability to keep our place when we wanted to take a break for some music or catch a podcast. So we made this program, myBookTunes, to do exactly this. Making a myBookTunes book is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

1. Import your book on CD into iTunes, just as you would music.
2. Run myBookTunes.
3. Download your converted book to your iPod and enjoy.

$19.95 buys myBookTunes and all updates until the next major release. Purchasers of myBookTunes receive a discount on all major releases.

Check out myBookTunes at www.mybooktunes.com. Download a copy and try it for free.