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Software details

LyteRAD Pro

A framework to build desktop, mobile and webbased database applications instantly. It can drastically reduce your development time from days to minutes. Code is completely eliminated from the development cycle to help you focus on the problem you want solve. LyteRAD comes with a ready to use embedded database which eliminates database administration and configuration, So that you can focus on building sophisticated applications straight away. The platform can also connect to industry standard database backends.

Feature Highlights

Database Features

* Embedded maintenance free database
* Define and manage database table
* Create relationships/Links
* Add, Browse, Edit, Find/Query records
* Table templates
* Support for SQL compliant databases

Reporting Features

* Customizable headers and footers
* Selective field inclusion
* Derived columns from other fields
* Group and sort information
* Subtotals and math functions

Data Analysis

* Visual query interface
* One click base statistics
* Create graphs and charts
* Analyze table relationships

Applications & Widgets

* Create desktop and mobile applications
* One click WebService
* Individual workspaces for projects

Business Customers

Build your custom applications easily, Cut your development time drastically. The framework is so simple to use that there is no need of expensive technical staff. Why settle for off the shelf IT products, when you can create solutions that match your need. Do not leave your data and solutions hanging in the cloud, keep it inside your business premises.

You can create a wide spectrum of database driven solutions like inventory management, HR tracking, travel desk, healthcare, financial, and applications for a host of other domains.
Professionals & Developers

When you are creating a lightweight database solution, LyteRAD will help you save precious development time. Start measuring your productivity in ideas and thoughts per second instead of lines of code. LyteRAD comes with an embedded maintenance free database to get you started, You may switch to a more rigid standards compliant database at any time.
Home & Personal Use

The ease and simplicity of building applications with LyteRAD enables you to build many personal applications. Move beyond spreadsheets to custom applications. From tracking your home inventory to managing your movies and CD collection, building custom personal applications was never easier.