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Software details

LotSoftPro Pick3

* LotSoftPro answers the needs of Pick3 and/or Pick4 players, providing in depth analyses of the draws along with filterstructures.
* Provides easy to understand statistics on Shortsums, Root, Sumdigits, Digits per position, VTracs, Boxed pairs, Straight Positional pairs, Straight Filter-patterns, Box Filter-patterns, Widths, Repeating digits, Repeating VTracs, All Box numbers, Numbers with consecutive digits, Own Series of numbers, etc...
* Visualization of Hot/Cold digits with adjustable user options
* Provides a one-click feature for daily draw-updates through Live Update.
* Provides "Need to know"-data about Pick3 games, state-specific
* Possibility to show the draws in their drawn-shape, box-shape, filter on 6-ways, 3-ways, triples and/or all numbers.
* Has a prediction board to simulate real play, with user options on cost per number and immidiate calculation of profits.
* Comes with the powerful and most extended Pick3/Pick4Wheeling Engine available on the internet.
* Possibility to combine different games/states so it becomes 1 game/state
* Provides usage of the Lottery Bible with live calculation of winnings
* Go Multi-State for statistics on a selection of games/States of your choice.
* Possibility to add/remove/adjust states of your choice.
* Add your own series of numbers to retrieve statistics on.