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Software details


DreamStitch is a software system for image stitch. The DreamStitch can be used to stitch image produced by camera and scanner. It was designed for two main areas,
1 .Produce panorama images from small images. Common camera can produce wonderful panorama image with the help of DreamStitch.
2.Stitch images produced by scanner. Small scanner can scan more big size paper with the help of DreamStitch.

All stitch in DreamStitch is automatic. The user only need to select several pictures and press the button to start stitch.

DreamStitch was designed to be extremely easy to use, with a user interface so simple that it does not really require a user guide.
The software is so powerful that the default settings produce excellent results.

Sometimes, however, you need to know a bit more to obtain the best results on some image sets, and sometimes it is interesting to look under the hood a bit. Hence, we have created this page with explanations about running the software, the stitch Options,.