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Software details

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 25 CALs Pack

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 automatically adds signatures and disclaimers to email sent via Exchange Server. It provides an ideal solution for businesses using MS Exchange 2010 as a mail server. In light of legal requirements imposed on businesses, it is mandatory for all outgoing email to contain contact and identification information; our software provides a very convenient solution in centralizing the company's disclaimer or personalized signatures as required to all mail, without troubling the users on their part. The program is admin-friendly and easily deployable.

- add signatures and disclaimers to messages depending on the address or domain of the sender and recipients;
- add personalized information within each signature based on the sender's information in the Active Directory, such as first and last name, the company name, department info, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc;
- include embedded images within a signature;
- add disclaimers and signatures to both internal and external mail;
- support all mail clients: Outlook, OWA, OMA, mobile devices, SMTP clients,
- no need to bother your users, signatures or disclaimers are server-based.
CodeTwo Exchange Rules is installed on the machine hosting the Exchange 2010 Hub Transport role. It allows administrators to easily include signatures and disclaimers to all messages sent through the Exchange. The signatures may contain different content depending on the sender, as well as their personal details such as first and last name, company name, department info, telephone numbers, email, postal address, etc.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules will undoubtedly help in managing signature entries within emails - administrators never again have to individually oversee users' machines to ensure addition of disclaimers and signatures. Naturally, each user still holds the right to add client-based signatures for each outgoing and internal message.